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Swing by the brewery and place your order.
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Call, Then Pick Up

Simply call (831) 713-5540 and place your order.
Show up during regular business hours to pick up your beer.
Curbside delivery is also available.

Order Online for Delivery

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Local delivery to select Santa Cruz County areas only (Santa Cruz, Brookdale, Scotts Valley, Felton, Zayante, Boulder Creek, Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, Watsonville). Deliveries are made Monday through Friday following your order date. A valid photo ID will be required at the time of delivery.

Meet Our Beers

Sunday Morning (New Beer!!!)

Mosaic Session IPL – 5.4% ABV; 43 IBU
This is your new go-to beer... light, refreshing, full of amazing fruity hop character. We made a super crisp lager and hopped the hell out of it with mosaic to make something that will leave you with no regrets if you cracked one open on a Sunday morning… or any other time for that matter!!

I Think We’re Parked (New Beer!!!)

Dank IPA – 6.7% ABV; 75 IBU
Have you ever cracked a jar of the green stuff and took a whiff, and just went wow that super dank!! Well that’s what this beer was designed to do too. We hopped it up with Chinook, Columbus, Independence, and Nugget to give it an incredible danky character that will remind you of some good 4/20 sessions.

Welcome to Earth (New Beer!!!)

Hazy IPA – 7.7% ABV; 45 IBU
An Incredibly delicious and refreshing hazy IPA that is full of great tropical fruit flavors but we fermented a little longer to give it a crisp character instead of the typical sweetness of a hazy.

Preppie (New Beer!!!)

Hoppy Pale Ale – 5.4% ABV; 53 IBU
This session ale has a super clean malt profile thanks to our special Irish base malt and when paired with an aggressive late hopping of Mosaic and Nelson gives it a tropical fruit blast!! You’ll love it!

Miss Molly (New Beer!!!)

American Coffee Stout – 5.9% ABV; 53 IBU
Our delicious collaboration with 11th Hour Coffee, we produce as wonderfully roasty and flavorful stout! Great characters of coffee, dark chocolate, and a slight hint of dark fruit for the delicious coffee beans we added to this beer!!

Inner Peace Ale (New Beer!!!)

West Coast IPA – 7.4% ABV; 69 IBU
A clean malty backbone sets the stage to accentuate the aggressive late hopping of Cascade and Ahtanum. The beer is easy drinking but full flavored, sure to be a favorite any time of year.

Talk To Me Gose (New Beer!!!)

Margarita Gose – 4.8% ABV; 12 IBU
A wonderfully refreshing Gose that has tons of lime zest, coriander, and salt to give it that classic margarita flavor without the sugary sweetness.

Strike a Pose

Blackberry Blonde – 5.2% ABV; 23 IBU
A Fantastically refreshing blonde ale with subtle notes of bleberry, blackberry,and raspberry. Try it, trust me you’ll love it ;)

Make Like a Tree Irish Red

Irish Red Ale – 5.4% ABV; 25 IBU
Deep reddish amber ale with a rich malt character provided by caramel malts balanced by roasted barley. Perfect option for those that prefer their beer less hoppy, but still full of flavor.

Nut Up or Shut Up

A bold brown ale with a rich nutty, slightly roasty characters. This beer is super sessionable anytime of year despite being a darker beer.

It's Pat Porter

We miss you and your spunky wit! The following story behind this beer dedication is from her family.

“Patricia Minnie Roberts ‘Miss Pat’ was a true Santa Cruz original - 102 years in the making! Small in stature but big on personality and style, she was the matriarch for 4 generations of Santa Cruz natives, and her home (built by HER grandparents on the west side) was always open to friends and family. No shrinking violet, she would let you know how she felt - even it if was just with a look. 😉

Her sunny kitchen was always welcoming, full of comfort foods, and the epicenter for countless celebrations & conversations. She loved going dancing, was always stylish, quick witted & fiercely independent.

Even into her 90’s she was an active member of Greater Purpose Community Church (which sold their building to open a brewery that raises funds for non profits).

This is were she met Pastor Christopher. She may have sometimes been a little ruffled by his modern take on worship, but it gave her something to talk about, and a sense of community and purpose. Knowing that Pastor Christopher appreciated her opinions, contributions, and her sassy personality means so much to the folks that knew and loved her.

This Chocolate Cherry Porter is a fitting tribute as she was both sweet and tart, a classic and not afraid to be bold.

Or in the words of Miss Pat herself when sampling an artisan microbrew... “It tastes like beer.” 😀

So if YOU enjoy the taste of beer, and appreciate a true Santa Cruz original, please pick some up from Greater Purpose Brewing Company and raise a toast to Miss Pat!”🍻 🍒


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